A research is a study at a particular time with a specific theme, based on assumptions and sources which will lead to a conclusion. Anyone can do a research and therefore be a researcher, however, at a Public University this task is the tripod that governs the academic environment: teaching, research and extension.

A research group (RG) is essential to achieve a wide ranging study that would be incomplete if one applies the method of an individual study. Each research group can have several lines of research concerning a common subject.

Each research, done either individually or into fewer groups, has a certain autonomy and may take into consideration its own work plan, schedule and conclusion. However, the main objective is to contribute to a wider research. Two students, for instance, could be researching the architectural project of Public Schools, focusing respectively the 60’s and the 70’s. If working in a RG, there could be a significant collaborative exchange of information that could perhaps conduct an overview of the public schools of the 20th century.

With this approach, we would like to invite FAU students and all university members to join the Research Group “Architectural Project of Public Equipment”.