The idea of creating an agreement between the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism from the University of São Paulo (FAUUSP) and the Faculty of Education, Architecture and Arts from the University of Siegen came after Siegen’s Professors Dietrich Pressel and Bernd Fitchner were introduced to the CEUs (Unified Education Centers), when they visited São Paulo in 2011. The project, developed and coordinated by the USP Professor Alexandre Delijaicov and the architects André Takya e Wanderley Ariza, is the basis for the exchange program between the universities. The Brazilian concept of developing integrated schools to community centers is of great interest to Siegen, since there is no similar proposal in Europe.

The interdisciplinarity among the departments of Education, Architecture and Arts at Siegen is of great interest to FAUUSP, mainly for the 4th year students concerning the discipline Architectural Project: Public Equipment as well as to the Research Group on the same theme, leaded by Alexandre Delijaicov.

Siegen University and the Research Group “Architectural Project of Public Equipment” are working together in a project named Raüme Bilden. At the beginning of each term, both universities will present the ideas of students, teachers and academic members, in order to promote interaction among individual academies as well as motive exchange program of guest scientists and foreign students. After these presentations, each University intends to create a common course to study the similarities and differences between Brazilian and German architectural project of schools. In Siegen, the integration between the departments of Pedagogy and Architecture is such an achievement for USP, since there is no such interdisciplinary here.

The exchange between the universities will be extended not only to students and architects interested in research concerning Architectural Project of Public Equipment and 4th year students, but also to all academic members of FAUUSP. The main emphasis is to promote exchange of culture concerning the importance of the architectural project - specially the project of public equipment - between the two institutions, regarding Germany as reference in scholar architecture.